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November 21st, 2013edgystyle laura bicego mood

Laura, the Tattoo (and pumpkin) mood

This very #edgystyle mood originates from my look that is very tattoo-inspired today (have fun here:, as well as iRead more

November 7th, 2013Schermata 2013-11-07 alle 18.03.06


If you ever feel down and meaningless, remember that a gigantic star, several times bigger than our sun, died in a magnificent supernova, a blinding flash brighter than the entire galaxy just to creatRead more

October 29th, 2013Indossami_846x403_2

Easy to wear #Edgy!

If you enter my e-shop: edgystyle.it, you will realize it immediately. I love this word: simplicity. Not a simplicity that meRead more

October 14th, 2013laurabicego new edgy mood

The new mood in ON!

Oh yes, the new mood in ON! The hashtag I love are: #newflower, #zebracode, #deepblack, #goldencream, #animalier, #fusioncoral. Do you like it? You can create your Edgy mood and have a nice shoppiRead more

October 3rd, 2013weareon edgystyle.it

Yessss we are ON!

The new Edgystyle e-shop is on-line----> www.edgystyle.it Play the game, just a click and... you can have your ERead more